Friends in  Nicaragua
Looking for the  real Costa Rica locations!!!!! We are in no way associated with the Tico Times newspaper, but we do highly recommend them.
On our links page are our friends and places we recommend because we have been there and experienced them. If you visit any of our recommended locations and have a bad experience, Please inform us of the problem you had.  AND if you find a great place let us know we will sign them up.  We are building sites  One town at a time.  Be the first. 
We will not recommend anything that is over priced, low quality or has poor service.  We feel that everyone works hard for their money and should get the most for it, no matter where you are, or what your budget is.
If there are any owner operated places that you think should be added to our website. E-mail: Wmaster@ticotimes.us and we will visit them.  The more  in your area the better..
If you would like to contact us in regards to having a website for your business built, hosted and advertised.  Please feel free to contact us. We  exchange our service for yours, as we both agree upon.  In other words, we will built your website, we host your website and we advertise your website with no money out of your pocket. We know that if we get them there, they will be back, and bring their friends....
Hotels  2 NIGHTS Room a month ( Now they have a Costa Rica place to come back to.)  
Restaurant fee  is 8 meals a month ( the food is good, they will return with friends)
Tours  are 1 - 4 donated tours a month
Bars donate 4  $25 Bar tabs a month (that gets them there)
All other business options availalbe for different businesses, jewelers, hand made furniture, real estate, etc.

Do not worry if you have a website already, we point visitors to your main website for more information or reservations.  We gather tourist here that are looking for a great vacation  or retirement in Costa Rica.  Please understand this, we do not set prices but we are very honest with people about the value and if you are overpriced
or poor quality or service, you will never be here.... Everything is relative to value.  From Backpackers to Luxury travel.  We will even shoot the photos for you.

Small investor needed 
Need 6 partners or one partner with all 6, to make this happen quickly 5 shares = 5%  of each 
All partners receive 30 days  free room EVERY YEAR for their use.

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We are Looking for EVERY Owner Operated business in Costa Rica that has good service or  product at a fair price.  We are ready to make life a little better.  www.TicoTimes.us  is going to tell the world about the best places to sleep, invest, shop, tour, dine  or play.  If you see them here, they are Recommended by Funrunners.  We're heading to Costa Rica.   We do alot of things,  feed the kids starts soon,  www.NicaraguaLifestyles.info.   R U Single?   Lets do a movie about your beach, Hotel, Tour, etc, in Costa Rica www.FunrunnersMovies.com . Get involved in life www.CostaRicaLifestyles.info   Start thinking OUTSIDE of the Box, as a matter of fact throw the  Box away. Times are going to be lean, we need each others help. Sign up...Be 1 of us.
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New website soon. I am coming to Nicaragua and I am bringing the whole world with me..  From now on we have 2 high seasons, A high tropical season, and a high beach season.  WE DO NOT DO A LOW SEASON ANYMORE IN Nicaragua..  This is your alliance of owners, sign up, tell your friends.  Let the others talk about how bad it is going to be,  We are going to do just fine with the help of each other.  Nosotros Te llevamos clientes a Tu Negocio, a Tu Hotel, a tu Bar..
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Country Western Beach Gringo vs Latino Concert coming soon!!!!! Hopefully it will be Tommy Townsend and his Nashville volunteers VS the Mexican Shooting STAR  Eduardo Vargas and his men. Be a Part of this party.

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Miss Funrunners Costa Rica Contest!!!!! the most precious SINGLE Lady in Costa Rica.. Be a part of the Solution, Tell friends Now.
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Playa Del CoCo 
Be the first to join in your area.  Start NOW out 2nd high season starts soon..
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